Condolence & Memory Journal


Ron, a special, God Blessed precious man who will always be remembered by those whose lives he touched. We were honored to have him as our organist at St. Coleman Church in Pompano Beach, FL. He always honored me by telling our director, Marion Gordon that my voice was "liquid gold!" He taught me "The Secret of Christmas" song which I have been singing in his honor for many years. Heaven is musically magic with his presence! A mass will be said in his honor. We all love you Ron. Cathy Van

Posted by Cathy Van - Lauderdale By the Sea, FL - Friend   February 01, 2018

I had the privilege of working with Ron when he was the Music Directoar at Our Lady of Angles Catholic Church in Burlingame, CA. I was the Direcotr of an adult choir, a children;s choir and a junior high choir, Ron was my accoplanist. We wer both old school and had great fun together going down the memory lane of sacred music. Ron always wanted to have the children learn and sing great hymns in Latin. We laughed when we realized that they had never heard the language and neither had their parents. We were a fun team. Just before he moved he began to struggle with his eyes and told ne he wanted over time for 16th notes. He holds a special place in my heart...

Posted by Elizabeth Hannan - Burlingame, CA - Coworker   January 29, 2018

Ron has been a friend and colleague since we first met in South Florida in the early 80s. All these years I have treasured him as a friend and celebrated his musical publications. Unlike many organists, Ron was a humble servant and teacher. My sincere sympathy to Takeshi in your loss. Celebrate the time you had together. You will be missed Ron. Well done good and faithful servant.

Posted by Dale Tucker - Fort Wayne, IN - Friend   January 29, 2018

Ron was a wonderful gem in my life for 38 years. Beyond music, a wonderful sense of humor, kind, patient and understanding. Always a pleasure to spend an evening with. I might add that he was a chef extraordinaire. I am at that stage in life (age 78) that those rare lights in my life are twinkling off. I will miss you indeed Ron. Thanks for all you added to my life.

Posted by Tom Lawford - Reston, VA - Friend   January 28, 2018

Ron came to us as an organist for Ebenezer United Methodist Church. It was such a blessing to hear him play. The little nuances that we would give a familiar hymn during a prelude or offeratory. He could also shake the rafters. We would often wait until he finished and then applaud him at the end of the service. He was really in his element the other year when he played for our Easter program. I have now formal training as a choir director, but I can read music, so I do the best I can. Ron really helped us bring the cantata we did that year to life. I wish I could have known him when he was younger. He lived such an interesting life and traveled to so many places. He even sang in a choir in England. He was such a lovely man. He will be missed, but I know he is having the time of his life playing the organ for our Lord in Heaven/

Posted by Sylvia Bender - Annville, PA - Friend   January 22, 2018

Mr. Schmoltze was my teacher, choir director and director for our school musical. What a talented man. He made a such an impact on his students. I hope he knew how special he was to so many of us.

Posted by Alice Menegus - Passaic, NJ   January 21, 2018

Mr Schmoltze was a great teacher not only conducting the Harmonettes at No. 12 School and the choir at Passaic Sr High School but he helped to bring to life numerous musicals on the stage at Passaic High. I had the privilege of being his student for several years. I was also in both Li'l Abner and Hallelujah Baby. He was one of my favorite teachers. A wonderful person who I am sure will be greatly missed. So sorry.

Posted by Janet Piroch McCann - Denville, NJ   January 21, 2018

A tribute to Mr. Ron Schmoltze. He was the music/chorus teacher at No. 12 school in Passaic, NJ when I got there in 1963, having just taken over for Miss Gold. He was bold in his music selections, adding Gospel as well as show tunes to our repertoires. He was not afraid to use religious music, when in today's climate, that would be frowned upon. He came to our home for dinner when my mom, the Harmonettes' accompanist for performances and rehearsals, invited him.
We got to make a recording of our Christmas and Spring concerts, which I treasure to this day. We even went to the Westminster Choir college at Princeton to perform.
When we graduated from No.12 school and went on to PHS in 1966, he and Mr. Polowniak went with us. Now Mr. Schmoltze was the musical director for the high school productions of Broadway shows. I admired him so much that the only time in my life I ever got detention, Miss Bunnell asked me who I would like to serve it with, and I picked him.
He promptly put me to work passing out the scores and painting scenery for "Bye Bye Birdie" after school every day.
For choir, we learned the "Hallelujah Chorus" but he also let the older guys practice RnB and soul music in the rehearsal room. That was a memory I will never forget. I was thrilled when I got to be in the dancing chorus for "Lil Abner" and even though Opening Night was postponed due to tragic events of the time, it was one of the highlights of my young life.
Once in a lifetime,if you are lucky, a teacher comes into your life who affects you forever. Mr. Schmoltze was that teacher for me.
In recent years I got in touch with him and learned he had become unhappy with teaching and had left the profession. I was sorry to hear that. But he loved composing classical and church organ music. He was performing in churches and had a good life. I told him how much he meant to me and how much I appreciated his influence in my life and my love of choral singing. If you had a teacher like that in your life, too, take the time to thank him or her while you have the chance.
Rest in peace, Mr. Ron Schmoltze. You were loved by me, the Cassutto family and your past students.

Posted by A friend   January 21, 2018

Mr. Schmoltze was my chorus director in middle and high school. He was very special to me and he will be missed.

Posted by Carolyn Cassutoo    January 21, 2018