Condolence & Memory Journal

I miss you

Posted by norma cruz - Lebanon, PA - Family   May 08, 2018

I met Millie (Milagros) when she became my neighbor. It wasn't too long before we formed a fast and deep friendship. When I met Millie, she had many health problems and needed someone to take her to her different doctor appointments and related things. She would say I was her interpreter even though I knew only a few words of Spanish. Even with the language barrier, we communicated with ease most of the time...and laughed when we couldn't. We enjoyed watching Spanish soap operas together and would spend several hours looking through used clothing bins at Good Will. Most of the time, she was looking for clothing to give others.
Despite Millie's health problems, she would walk everywhere she could and her leg muscles showed it. I marveled when I would see her coming home from the grocery store with a heavy bag in each hand.
Millie spent alot of time smiling. She delighted in the fact that she painted her chihuahua's nails hot pink. The dog was good company for her. One summer there was a popular style shoe that everyone seemed to be buying. She enjoyed collecting shoes so bought a pair of every color. Millies favorite thing to collect was frogs and she would collect anything that was a frog. One day, when I visited her in her bedroom, I was surprised to see stuffed frogs of every size piled high in the corner of her bedroom. It was then that I realized just how much she loved frogs!
I will miss Millie along with the many others who knew her.

With love,

Posted by Lisa Sheppard - Lancaster, PA - Friend   January 13, 2018